Why This Training Is So Important

As you peruse our course curriculum, you might be asking – why would I need to take these courses? What benefit could they possibly provide? They sound complicated – is this necessary? This all seems like an enormous amount of work – is it necessary? Is this training important to me? Why? These are certainly reasonable questions. But in order for us to answer them – first you have to ask yourself – Do you manage or participate in the management of large complex projects (more than 100 tasks, more than 5 different resources)? If you answer yes, then we can answer your questions.

When we began managing projects 40 years ago, we started with the basic tenets of project management as it was taught back then. But over time, we have found that the basics had to be modified, expanded significantly, and rigorously disciplined. Some of the old school methods just didn’t work – so we had to develop new ones to take their place. Finally, after many years, and many projects, we reached conclusive resolve.

Now we can provide through training the lessons learned and best practices that we forged over many difficult experiences into five very critical methodologies. These must be properly employed in order to successfully control the management of projects. We call these the technologies of project management, and we have found them to be universal. The nature of the project, the technology of the project, the girth, the size – none of this matters. The ways and means to successfully manage any project are the same. Watch this short presentation for a summary of what we learned.