Project Management Course Four

Integrated Master Scheduling – Part 2

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In 2016, PMT finished the development of a new course, Integrated Master Scheduling Part 2, the long-awaited instruction on the critical project management integration technologies.  This course is rated at 40 hours and so 40 PDUs.

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  • Earn 25 Class A PDUs
  • 25-hour Video Workshop
  • Real World Problems and Exercises
  • Work from Realistic Case Studies

Course Outline

10. Introduction

Workshop Objectives; Thorough exploration of the integration methodologies (Vertical and Horizontal) and Master Scheduling processes: advanced CPM (Schedule Baselines and Margin Nodes); three new advanced practical Resource Planning Methodologies – Taught at a level of detail such that each can be immediately implemented.

11. Vertical Integration

The processes and disciplines of summarizing detail tasks and events to provide the various levels of management schedule information that is appropriate to their level of management and reign of responsibility.

12. Horizontal Integration

The processes and disciplines of breaking a large project into several detail model files, while still accounting for the work and resource dependencies that exist between these files.

13. Advanced CPM in Large Complex Project Environments

The effects of large complex projects on time analysis, and various mechanisms that are used to enhance float analysis – Margin nodes and what a Schedule Baseline should be in the context of Earned Value and other performance measurement methodologies.

14. Additional Resource Modeling and Analysis Processes

Additional resource modeling and analysis processes: (Resource-Limited Resource Planning process) – method of using task relationships to simulate resource availability; (Time-Limited Resource Planning processes) – ROM Resource Planning and Detail Resource Planning.


15. Summary & Conclusions

Summary of the course and the conclusions that can be realized and immediately put into practical application.