Project Management Technology Course Sample

Engage in Visual learning along with Auditory learning using PMT's unique delivery method

PMT is not just the leader in the technologies of project management, we are also innovators in the instruction methodology of technical training.  What does “e-learning” really mean?  Is there a standard?

The answer to the first question is “apparently anything and everything,” and the answer to the second question is “NO.”  The norm for so-called e-learning training is either a folder full of PDF files, or a video of an instructor-led course.  By any real standard, neither of these would qualify as e-learning, as the first method is simply reading and the second is remotely taught instructor-led classroom format.

We propose that the purpose of real e-learning is to use new technologies to enhance the learning process, and this was the principle that guided us as we developed our online courses.  As a result, our online courses are an enhancement to learning.  But since there is such a wide disparity in the definition of e-learning, you will need to see for yourself.  Here is a demonstration of what we call E-learning!

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